Selena Gomez Spills News About Kendall Jenner’s Date, Has The Largest Number of Followers On Instagram!

Selena Gomez made a huge mistake in the media recently. She revealed that her good friend Kendall Jenner isn’t single. The world has been trying to find out if Kendall Jenner dating was dating someone for a very long time and things started getting crazy, until the bubble was burst.

There were speculations that Kendall Jenner might be hooking up with One Direction star Harry Styles or maybe she has found someone else. However, all these rumors were denied as reported by E! Online. It was reported that Kendall Jenner is in fact very much single and she isn’t dating anyone.

As for Harry Styles, the two continue to be good friends, but they don’t have the time to focus on a relationship. They are good friends and catch up whenever they are in the same city.

While all this has been accepted, there is a general query about how Selena Gomez who is so close to Kendall Jenner make such a huge mistake about her friend’s relationship status. Seventeen Magazine reported that maybe Selena Gomez had thought that Kendall Jenner was more than just friends with some and it actually didn’t turn out that way. The two are very close and so it is expected that an apology from Selena Gomez would set things right between her and Kendall Jenner.

The goof up happened while Selena Gomez was giving an interview to Capital FM. She was informing the listeners that she is the only one in the girl squad who is single currently and this caught a lot of attention.

Everyone knows for a fact that Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid are in a relationship, but they had felt that Kendall Jenner was also single, but then her close friend Selena Gomez gave the world an interesting piece of information.

Selena Gomez is very active on the social media, especially Instagram and she has become the most popular Instagram account with a follower count of 69.5 million. The main reason for Selena Gomez raking in more number of followers than Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and even Taylor Swift is that Selena Gomez uploads some of the sexiest photos.

Selena Gomez joined Instagram merely 139 weeks ago and in this short time she had managed to amass so many followers. When she had first started posting, Selena Gomez would regularly update photos from her Stars Dance World Tour.

Once she got a hang of it, she kept sharing photos of her friends and family and then started uploading sexy and stylish photos of herself and the number of followers started going up.

According to Perez Hilton, Selena Gomez isn’t just the Queen of Instagram, she has also the Queen of Selfies and definitely doesn’t need a lesson on how to click one from Kim Kardashian. Selena Gomez has rocked selfies with her bikini body and pouted faces and has also slammed body-shamers in some of her posts.

Selena Gomez is single and she is taking a break from all the men. The singer had been linked with Justin Bieber and Niall Horan in the past year, but she is now single and happily so. The actress has been joking about the fact that she is going to remain single all her life since she will never meet her perfect guy.

With all the relationship drama that she has gone through, Selena Gomez is very skeptical about future relationships and is apprehensive about trying out different things. International Business Times has reported that Selena Gomez immerses herself in her work so that she doesn’t have time to meet new guys.