Screenshot Reveals New Robot Companion to Be Added to Fallout 4 Via Automatron DLC!

Fans of Fallout 4 are well accustomed to the many companions that can be found within the game. The latest reports suggest that the game will get another addition in the companion department with the upcoming Automatron DLC.

Apparently, this companion will be a robot which will be called Ada. The Automatron will be the first DLC that the game will be receiving. It will be followed by two more expansion packs which have been titled Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor.

The Automatron DLC will become available on March 22, that is this coming Tuesday. It will be released for all the platforms, that is Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on the same day. A new screenshot from the expansion pack has been released by the developers on the official Facebook page of the game.

This particular screenshot gives fans a first look at one of the robot companions- Ada, that the DLC will bring. As was previously reported that players will have the capability to build their own robot companions in the game.

They will also be able to customize the robots with a variety of weapons, limbs, powers, body armor, paint, etc. It was reported that Ada too will be fully customizable.

A character called the Mechanist will gain significance importance in the game after the update. A horde of evil robot will be unleashed by The Mechanist on the Commonwealth. Players will have to hunt these robots down and kill them. After doing so, the parts of these very robots can be used by the player to build their own robot companion.

Rumors also suggest that a number of new weapons will also be brought forth by the upcoming expansion pack. One such weapon will be the Lightning Chain Gun. This particular weapon will be reportedly usable by players upon reaching level 15.

Players in possession of the Season pass for the game will be able to download the expansion pack for free. However, for those who do not own the Season Pass, will have to shell out $10 to get their hands on the DLC.

The Season Pass was initially priced at $29.99. However, the developers decided that the price was quite low compared to the amount of content that the DLCs will bring to the game. Thus, Bethesda bumped up the price of the Season Pass from $29.99 to $49.99.

In that regard, it should be mentioned here that just in the recent past, the PlayStation store had listed the Season Pass for Fallout 4 as a free item. It was a mistake on the part of Sony but reportedly a number of fans were able to take advantage of the situation and get themselves a free Season Pass for Fallout 4.

However, as the matter came under attention, Sony quickly resolved the situation and relisted the Season Pass with its original price tag of $49.99. The Season Pass will enable fans to get every DLC that is released for the game for free.

In other news, the real dog that was used to portray the beloved companion of the game- Dogmeat has recently won an award. At the World Dog Awards, it has been honored with the award for the Top Video Game Dog of 2015.

Fans might be wondering about the name of the real-world counterpart of Dogmeat. Dogmeat was portrayed by a German Shepherd whose name is River. The announcement came via a Tweet on the official Twitter handle of Bethesda Studios.

A picture of River with her award was also posted alongside the message. Joel Burgess, the lead level designer at Bethesda Studios is the owner of River.