Santa School: Ready for Perfect Christmas Character?

Christmas is coming and kids are expecting to see their Santa. For some people it is a high season, when they can earn a little fortune on kids’ emotions, though for others it is a delightful time of bringing joy.

In Charles W. Howard Santa School in Michigan students learn how to be a real Santa Clause for the holiday season. They learn how to handle a reindeer, use simple sign language, sing carols, play games and take care of a beard, either real or fake. Ultimately, the students learn to raise the Santa’s spirit in their hearts and share it with everybody.

Most of the school participants are senior citizens, who want to play the role of Santa in their local communities or own families. Here they get a second youth, as finally they are officially allowed to do crazy things, which they never could do in their proper regular lives.

The Michigan school is the world’s oldest Santa School. It was established in 1937 by Charles W. Howard. At that time Mr. Howard felt a real need of a Christmas character, who will carry the magic of the holiday and represent the best human qualities in a witty ironic figure. At that time it was easy to find a drunk filthy Santa, who invited kids to sit on his laps and share their biggest secrets. The classic Christmas movie Miracle on 34th Street (1947) vividly pictures typical for the mid-century “bad Santa”. Rumor has it that Charles W. Howard himself was an advisor on that movie, this is why it is so realistic.

This year 200 Santas attended the school, 25 per cent of them were Mrs. Clauses. So now chances to meet a real, certificated Santa, increase. Don’t miss your opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap and share your Christmas wish!

photo credit: Presidio of Monterey: DLIFLC & USAG POM/DLIFLC 2016 Holiday Tree Lighting via photopin (license)