Reza Aghamiri Draws Connections between the Ministers of Iran and ‘Sedition’ Leaders

In a recent turnout, the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, put forward the names of ministers he plans to indict into his cabinet. As per the Constitution of Iran, the other Members of Parliament have the right to approve or deny the ministers based on their qualification or any other personal reasons.

One of the conventional leaders from Iran, Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Mohammad Reza Aghamiri, recently stated that the new ministers have close ties with the apparent leaders of ‘sedition’. As per the Iranian law, leaders of sedition refers to the leaders who protested in 2009-10 against the Government of Iran, who are residing both within Iran and in foreign countries.

Mohammad Reza Aghamiri stated that in the past, the ministers who have been named, had expressed their support for the sedition leaders. The reason behind this is that these ministers do not have many thoughts about the nuclear policy of Iran and their decisions are not always in the best interest of the citizens of Iran and hence, asked the ministers to apologize for their previous support.

He also went on to warn the ministers to act responsibly and take decisions responsibly. Aghamiri said that the ministers chosen are actually appointed to Maljis by Iran and hence, their decisions and policies should always be in the favor of the citizens of Iran.

As the names nominated by the President of Iran received heavy criticism and opposition, he is likely to pull off the names of politicians off the list. But another analyst of political activities, Ali Musazadeh, said commented otherwise, saying that the President of Iran has absolute right to press his power and make decisions and hence, there is nothing wrong with him nominating the names.

While most of the people are happy with the ministers chosen by Hassan Rouhani, only a few of the Members of Parliament are disapproving the decision. Ali Musazadeh says that the voices of other MPs are not much of a concern and the nominated ministers have high chances of getting appointed.