Reviewing The Jungle Book, Film Defeats Bad Weather in China For A $20 Million Saturday!

Before you head over with your kids, keep in mind that this movie is considerably darker and offers a more frightening version over its predecessor. Therefore, it might not be appropriate at all times. When Shere Khan asks as to how many lives is a man-cub worth, he means it rather menacingly instead of rhetorically.

Meanwhile, Fire, also known as Man’s Red Flower plays a significant role in the film, one that is quite as dangerous as any feral beast. That being said, Jungle Book is not humorless at all. The wit and tenderness in the movie sets it apart from its ferocity. It brings in the alluring elements of more than one of its predecessor’s songs even though it’s not a musical per se.

There is also a wonderful cameo by Gary Shandling. It was his last performance before his death at the age of 66 last month. He plays the role of a porcupine named Ikki. He was not in the original film by Disney but he as a part of Kipling’s stories.

In other news, the weather in China’s populous Eastern seaboard was rather soggy but it failed to put a damper on the people who were geared up to witness Mowgli and his animal friends. The movie enjoyed a $20million Saturday and it will easily beat the $23.7million Zootopia and will come really close to the $52million January debut of Kung Fu Panda 3.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Jungle Book!