Pro Evolution Soccer 2016: Shaping Up to be a Great Title, Demo Releasing on August 13th, And More

If you follow football ardently, you should know that every year, there are two popular companies competing with each other through their latest football games in their respective franchises.

It’s EA Sports and Konami folks, and this year, things aren’t going to be any different with FIFA and PES 16. Fans are currently dying to see how these titles turn out. Will Pro Evolution Soccer finally stop being the underdog? Let’s take a look.

In terms of features, game modes, gameplay maneuvers and teams, every year, both of these franchises make sure to churn out something new. There is a lot of licensed material as well, like leagues, competitions and teams and it adds a certain level of realism to the game.

Till now, PES has already scored one goal over FIFA by including UEFA Champions League every year and it seems Konami has many more tricks up its sleeve. PES is yet to unleash its full potential and I hope FIFA developers are taking note of it.

Keep in mind that EA triumphs over PES by having full access to licensed teams and leagues around the world but recent reports indicate that a lot of them are currently switching to PES.

The latest reports reveal that Flamengo and Corinthians, two of Brazil’s largest football giants have announced that they will no longer be a part of FIFA. For an added slap, right on the face of EA Sports, they agreed to sign a deal with Konami and Pro Evolution Soccer for this year’s installment.

Fans have been questioning about the sudden change and it has been revealed that EA Sports apparently, made an offer to both of this clubs, which was considered ‘very bad’. As a result, Corinthians and Flamengo signed decided to appear in PES instead. Will this new development have a major impact on FIFA sales? Let’s wait and see.

Meanwhile, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer is the first game to release on Mac OSX and ardent football and PES fans alike should be glad to know a further detail. PES 2016 will be available in full HD 1080p resolution on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, when it comes out in September.  PES’ European product manager Adam Bhatti confirmed it on Twitter recently.

In the meantime, Konami has further announced that PES 2016 will get a demo release on August 13, 2015. The Pro Evolution Soccer franchise will enjoy its 20th anniversary this year. Through this demo, you can get your hands on the latest PES features before it officially releases on 17th September in Europe and on 15th in the United States of America.

According to the press release, gamers will get the chance to experience both national sides and clubs and it will offer a perfect sneak peek of the numerous on-field advances that PES 16 will offer. In order to sweeten the deal further, Konami announced pre-order bonuses, designed for myClub mode, coming from the various special editions.

These bonuses will include contracts, recovery items, a Steelbook, GP bonuses along with a loan for Neymar Jr. If you didn’t know already, Neymar Jr. will be featured on the cover of this year’s Pro Evolution Soccer and it certainly looks like an improvement!

In the end, Pro Evolution fans will admit that this game achieved its peak with its sixth installment in PS2. That was a title which captured every emotion of football and offered a perfect simulation. Ever since then, the graphics, game engine and diving mechanics among others, have progressed a lot but it was never the same.

This year, fans are surely hoping for something that will steer this franchise to the greatness it deserves. FIFA, on the other hand, felt like the successor to the footie game throne but lately, it has developed an air of stagnation around it.