Pregnancy in Late 30s Linked to Better Cognition

Pregnancy is regarded as one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. But is can also be one of the most dangerous. To some, pregnancy while still in the early 20s is advantageous. But to some it brings forth a lot of challenges. This is one of the reasons why many women consider getting pregnant by the 30s. Do you know that aside from being considered appropriate in age, it is also good for the brain?

According to the latest studies conducted by a team of clinical researchers of the University of South California, the last pregnancy by age 35 can lead to having sharper brain. They can have better word retention when they reach 60. This is in comparison to women who had their last pregnancy at earlier ages.

The study subjected 830 women in their post-menopausal stages with average age of 60. The study aimed to uncover the link between better cognition and a woman’s reproductive history. It was determined that there is a significant linkage according to the test results which had the women in some tests including memory test and story-telling.

Women who had their last child at age 35 or beyond were found to perform better in word list retention from those who had their last child before they reached 35. Although, according to the head researcher, having pregnancy at later age has increased health risks too.

The study also considered other factors including onset of menstrual period and history of contraceptive use. Results reveal that those who had their menstrual periods earlier has better memory skills. Those who used contraceptives for at least 10 years were also shown to have better cognition.

Menstruation and use of contraceptives are two factors that affect hormonal levels in woman. They can trigger increased excretion of estrogen which in turn triggers better brain functions.

With these scientific findings, are you in for pregnancy in your late 30s?