Possible Links Of Upcoming Marvel Movies with Thor 3, Why Thor Won’t Take Part in the Civil War, And More

It’s difficult to determine the effect Thor: Ragnarok has on this film, but the latter may delve into the mystical side and have a reference to some Asgardian. Meanwhile, in respect to Captain Marvel, there will be a lot of changes featured in Carol Danvers’ origin storyline. Hence, viewers might not notice any Kree. At the same time, her origins could still be alien and deeply affected by The Ragnarok Cycle.

Disregarding these upcoming movies, Joss Whedon talked a lot about how Avengers 2 will be dealing with the breakdown of the Avengers team as we know it. The movie is feeding into Captain America, but it’s possible that some Avengers members might decide to go AWOL.

They may not stick around to witness or pick a side in the Captain America and Iron Man showdown. Scarlet Witch will be fighting beside Ultron during the first half of Avengers 2. The hex she applies on Hulk and Thor will put them out of the picture in the upcoming Civil War movie. However, Thor will learn about Loki running things in Asgard and the effect of apocalypse in Thor: Ragnarok.

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