Pop Star Beyonce Knowles Is Second To None

While some stadium performers go full scale for visual and audio effects, Beyoncé has much more to offer her fans. The live band stayed calm for her acapella version of 1+1 with howling high notes and steadily ascending key changes.

Her more choreographed performances of the enormous numbers, including boisterous song Daddy Lessons and old favorites from Bootylicious to the love anthem Halo, demonstrated that Beyoncés voice is as strong as ever, and that she’s at any rate as accomplished a dancer as she is a singer.

What’s more, if the enormous reverberating stadium wasn’t always the best decoration for her whip-smart and vocal ornamentation, which sometimes became mixed up in the intensification, it was unequivocally a demonstration of the force of her music.

To be sure, Beyoncé more than vindicated herself in the general population’s eye at the Super Bowl back on February 3 2013. Amid the occasion’s half-time show she made that big appearance and wowed the crowd joined by her previous Destiny’s Child bandmates Rowland and Williams for parts of her execution. Beyoncé also declared then that her next real tour would start in the spring of 2013.

On the strength of this performance, no one could deny her the pop position of royalty.