Police kill American woman after slamming her on concrete

Police kill American woman after slamming her on concrete

Police officers in Cleveland killed a 37-year old African American woman after they slammed her head to the ground, killing her in front of her family.

Tanisha Anderson’ brother told the press that her sister was pronounced dead after she was attacked by the police officers. They killed my sister in front of me, Joell Anderson, Tanisha’s 40-year-old brother said as his face was covered in tears. What’s wrong with this people?
The incident occured after cops arrived at the home when they received a 911 call from the family. Anderson, who was bipolar, had to be calmed down as she was disturbing the peace of the neighourhood.

Witnesses told the media that they wanted to take her to the St. Vincent Medical Center for a proper evaluation , yet the cops became agressive and threw her to the ground.


As the policemen escorted Anderson to the law enforcement vehicle, she became aggresive,” police spokesman Sgt. Ali Pillow told to the The Plain Dealer.

Police officers slapped cuffs on her since they believed she could decide for herself to get a voluntary evaluation.  The girl began to kick at the cops,” Pillow said. The cops decided to throw her to the ground, where she hit her head. Policemen instantly called EMS and they discovered a faint pulse on the victim.

While Tanisha screamed for justice another police officer used a martial arts move to take her out since they thought she was a danger.

After the incident, no policemen was  fired or placed on a leave. The Cleveland Police Department told the media that they are investigating the case.