Playstation 5 to Feature 4K and VR Support, Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 Expected to Release by 2020!

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two are two of the most highly anticipated consoles of the future generation. Gamers are clearly waiting for the launch of these two future-generation consoles, however, are Microsoft and Sony preparing to release them soon?

A lot of people think that it won’t be long till these consoles are available in the market, but recent reports suggest that it could be years before either of these consoles are released for market consumption. Microsoft and Sony are both riding the waves created by their present generation consoles.

New games supported on these consoles are releasing every month and it includes PS4 and Xbox exclusives as well. PC Advisor reported that with the rise of PlayStation Now, physical consoles are now a thing of the past. It is actually a cloud-based gaming service often touted as Netflix for gamers.

With this service, gamers can play PS4 games on the PlayStation 5, on PS Vitas and Sony Bravia TVs. There will be support included for non-Sony PlayStations and non-Sony TVs in the future.

With this kind of advancement, it seems like games in the future won’t even require running on a physical console or a device dedicated to playing games only.

Gamers are slowly realizing that they will be able to do without conventional gaming consoles. PC Advisor further noted that PlayStation 4.5 is coming out in September and this new model will have 4K support along with advanced virtual reality functionalities. It should be well designed to tackle graphics intensive games.

On the other hand, Microsoft could be trying to milk the most out of Xbox One before even thinking about moving on to Xbox Two. The upcoming release of Xbox TV along with the Xbox One backward computability, it seems like the company is trying to bring its popular old console into focus.

Keep in mind that both Sony and Microsoft are yet to reveal any details on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two respectively. Lawyer Herald reported that both will come with 4K and VR support, and will release in 2019. They also reported that both these devices could be the last traditional gaming console releases from both companies.

In this Digital Age, you can basically do or obtain anything physical on a digital platform. Reports indicate that the upcoming PlayStation 5 will be a lot different from the consoles we are currently used to.

Some mobile phones are already turning into good gaming consoles and with the rise of VR, it seems like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two hardware could be in danger.

Emmett Shear, Twitch Executive also said that Sony and Microsoft would do better to turn their upcoming gaming consoles into set-top boxes.

During his interview in London, with The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit, Emmett said that console lifecycles could be in danger when considering the current consumer market and gradual trends.

The lifespan of a console will decrease from the usual duration of 5 years due to the speed of changing technologies. Consoles will need to be more versatile in order to last in the future.

Emmett Shear is not the only one, the Chief Product Officer at EEDAR, Geoffrey Zatkin, said that according to his estimates, Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One could be the last lineup of traditional gaming consoles. Meanwhile, it is also possible that Microsoft and Sony will change the pattern of Xbox 2 and PlayStation 5.

Both these companies are working on their own VR technologies and it will be some time before either of these consoles is released. From the looks of it, both these technology giants will work on their VR technology before moving onto these consoles.