Pirates of The Caribbean 5: Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp to Meet On Screen, Disney Trying to Revive the Franchise, And More

Inquisitor believes that Disney is giving their all in making Pirates of the Caribbean 5 a success and it is their only chance in salvaging the franchise. The previous film couldn’t live up to the expectations of the viewers and bombed at the box office. The main reason for bringing in the romance between Kaya Scodelario and Brenton Thwaites is to keep the fans interested in the franchise even in the future.

Johnny Depp is the main reason for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise becoming so popular and for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Disney has pitted him against another brilliant actor Javier Bardem. It looks like Disney is desperate to make the fifth installment a major success.

With Pirates of the Caribbean 5, the producers have decided to reboot the whole franchise. The earlier to installments had veered off the course and they didn’t perform well at all and with the upcoming film, there is a conscious attempt to make the film bring back the old charm that made the franchise so popular in the first place.

Master Herald has reported that new addition to the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean will go back to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The creators will try to revive all those elements that worked in the first film and try to bring the magic back in the latest film from the franchise.

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