Piper Gets Branded With The Swastika Symbol, Alex Buries A Dead Body In Orange Is The New Black Season 4!

Looking back at Orange is the New Black Season 4, the fans felt that the scene with Morello (Yael Stone) and her new husband Vinny (John Magaro) was also very special. The two enjoy an intimate moment during visitation hour, and while it was challenging doing it in front of a roomful of people, Stone said that her co-star made things very smooth.

The moment when Healy (Michael Harney) finds Lolly sitting inside a time machine that she has built for herself is very profound. He is the prison counsellor and is one of the good guys around.

He talks to Lolly in a paternal tone and tells her that while everyone wants to go back, it is not possible, and hence we have to make the most of the present. Lolly listens to this with attention and then says that sometimes it is easier to travel back than to live in the moment.

Jenji Kohan through Orange is the New Black has always tried to deal with the realities that we do not get to see behind the prison walls and the attack on the black and LGBTQ community that is depicted in Orange is the New Black Season 4 help the viewers get a slice of reality.

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