Photo Mania 2015 and Your OnePlus Story Contests Will Be Held For OnePlus One Users, Winners Will Get to Witness the OnePlus Two Experience, And More Information!

The Chinese Smartphone maker OnePlus is holding two promotional contests for OnePlus One users. Reports indicate that it is a part of the company’s promotional efforts for the upcoming launch of OnePlus Two flagship smartphone, later this year.

According to Phone Arena, OnePlus will be hosting two simultaneous contests called “Your OnePlus Story” for videos and “Photo Mania 2015” for photos. The contest is also open to all OnePlus One users scattered over the world as entries are being submitted through social media.

In Photo Mania 2015, the competitors must post unfiltered and unedited photo in Instagram, taken using the camera of the OnePlus One. The criteria that would determine the finalists will be based on the number of likes that the photo will receive on Instagram along with the technical ability in getting the shot.

The contest will have a single winner who will be basically chosen by votation from the OnePlus One community. Furthermore, the candidates will need to tag their picture with @oneplustech and also explain the story behind the shot.

In the meantime, the candidates for the OnePlus One Video contest will need to require a video of themselves as to why they love the OnePlus One and also what they intend to do with its upcoming successor, the OnePlus Two.

The video should obviously be filmed using the OnePlus One Smartphone and it should be at least full HD in order to be submitted to YouTube. Users should keep in mind that the videos must have a landscape orientation and a minimum quality of 1080p. Eight runners-up will also receive OnePlus gift bags and their entries will be included in the upcoming OnePlus Two Project.

Finally, the OnePlus One Employees will pick 10 finalists. Similar to the photo contest, the major winner will be chosen by the OnePlus One community but the second winner will be chosen out of nine additional finalists by OnePlus.

The three winners of these two contests, one from “Photo Mania 2015” and two from “Your OnePlus Story” will win an all-expenses covered trip to Hong Kong where they will have the privilege to personally experience the OnePlus Two firsthand. Further reports indicate the contest winner will play a vital role in a project that the Chinese Smartphone maker is working on, at the moment and it will take place during the launch of OnePlus Two.

The entries to the two contests will start from 15th June but the company did not specify the timing of the awarding as it will be quite easy to predict the launching date of the OnePlus Two from there. At the same time, there are reports which indicate that awarding will take place before 28th June and winners will receive a OnePlus Two.