Orange Is the New Black: Rumors About New Season, Nicky to Return, Stooshe Makes Video Inspired by Show!

The trailer gives relief to the fans of Natasha Lyonne, because it shows that Nicky will soon be out of maximum security and will be back. There was a lot of speculation whether Nicky will be back and this clip is a huge relief to the fans.

Taystee is one of the smartest convict. She is well read and had even won a competition for the prisoners to secure a job. The trailer shows that Taystee is sitting behind a desk. It is, however, not clear if she ends up securing a job in the prison of whether it is part of a flashback sequence.

Danielle Brooks states that Taystee will evolve into a mother figure in Season 4 of Orange is the New Black. She is going to take the role that Vee was playing in Season 2.

Stooshe, the girl band formed by Karis Anderson, Courtney Rumbold and Alexandra Buggs are out with their new single Lock Down and the video was inspired from their favorite show Orange is the New Black. Even though the song can have a lot of meanings, they wanted to go ahead with the prison theme.

The girls were super excited about their video based on the Orange is the New Black. They said that the show is their favorite, so it was obvious that they drew inspiration from it.

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