Optimus Prime Might Die In Transformers 5, Unicron Emerges As the Main Villain!

People have been wondering what the next Transformers movie has to offer, ever since it was reported that Akiva Goldsman and several other talented creators have joined the crew. During a recent interview with IGN, Goldsman revealed a lot of details about his experience in the writers’ room and provide his own take regarding the future of the Transformers franchise.

According to Goldsman, Paramount’s primary objective is to establish a connection between all the Transformers films while keeping the viewers of individual films, satisfied as well. The creators hope that all the movies will be interconnected and standalone at the same time.

Goldsman said that architecturally, this is quite a brilliant initiative since there needs to be a sense of integrity from the beginning to the end of the episode, in serialized storytelling. This could be featured in anything starting from a movie, or a comic book, or a TV series and short-story series.

Goldsman indicated that Paramount wants to satisfy both the appetites and this makes it quite different from simply procedural or episodic. For the purpose of both short and long term gratification, the instincts need to be properly fed.

As a result, the creators are trying to accomplish both, satisfyingly. Goldsman was asked later in the interview, whether he thinks there could be a Transformers movie that doesn’t feature humans.

According to Goldsman, this is possible but not currently the goal of the Transformers franchise. Goldsman told IGN that he surely thinks Transformers can live without humans and humans can live without Transformers, especially in the movies.

However, on a fundamental approach, he thinks that there is something great about the interaction between the Transformers and the human species. This is a connection that the creators don’t wish to muddle in. Transformers will release sometime in 2017 and then we can finally take a look at what Goldsman and company has in store for us.

Meanwhile, Transformers 5 could end up being the most controversial film in the franchise. At the moment, fans and critics alike are debating Hasbro’s decision for the reinstatement of Michael Bay in the Transformers franchise.

Stephen Davis, president of Hasbro Studios and Entertainment, announced during the MIP Junior Conference that Michael Bay will be back in the upcoming movie.

Furthermore, a report from Comic Book indicates that the writers have produced solid stuff that could result in four more sequels materializing successfully in the future. Akiva Goldsman is the huge celebrated Academy Awardee who will be penning the script for Transformers 5.

Meanwhile, there are several critics who don’t like the fact that Bay is back in the Transformers franchise. According to Inquisitr, a lot of critics are not at all happy about Michael Bay’s work and this resulted in huge fight scenes which give viewers a hard time in figuring out the identity of the robots.

It was also further explained that under Bay’s direction, most of the dialogues produced seem like they haven’t been given enough time to be written. While Hasbro confirmed the return of Michael Bay, the release date of Transformers 5 is yet to be confirmed.

As a result, we are not sure whether Bay will be the director or he will end up being one of the producers or members of the crew. In the meantime, fans are pretty disappointed with a rumor which indicates that franchise-popular Optimus Prime will finally bite the dust in the upcoming movie.

There will be new Transformers joining the cast, namely Blitzwing, Override, Red Alert, Scourge, and Cyclonus and therefore, there is possibly a need of replacement. In the meantime, other movie agencies indicated that Optimus Prime will be involved in a battle with the Quintessons.