Opening Ceremony Of The Rio Olympics Showcases Camaraderie, IOC Bans Sharing On Social Media, Irish Hockey Team Qualifies After 108 Years

The rules issued by the IOC have been criticized by fans, but that hasn’t made any difference. The IOC has also stopped businesses from using words like “games”, “Rio”, “2016”, “victory” and much more, which are related to the Rio Olympics.

While this move by the IOC hasn’t impressed fans, it should be kept in mind that the International Olympics Committee isn’t the first sports body to clamp down what is being shared on social media while the game is on.

The Premiere League in 2014 also stopped goals from being shared on GIFs and memes via Vine. There are users on Vine who post videos there just seconds after the goals are scored.

The Premiere League came out to justify their decision, saying that the broadcasters were paying a significant amount of money to showcase the matches for their viewers, and it wasn’t right for them when exclusive footage was available online within seconds.

Ireland started the Rio Olympics on a great note. It’s been 108 years since Ireland last sent their hockey team for the Games. After more than a decade, the Irish hockey team has finally qualified for the Rio Games. They are going to give their all to make sure that they get their hands on a medal.

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