No Man’s Sky Provides an Entirely New Gaming Experience, Title Includes Infinite Possibilities and Probably Has More Species Than We Can Discover

The research doesn’t take into consideration certain micro-organisms or viruses, which aren’t categorized as ‘species’ for this study.

However, in the year 2013, Science study stated that the number of described species is 1.5 million, with the total number being around 5 million. These studies also don’t take into the reason the number of species that are extinct.

Regardless of all that, thanks to No Man’s Land’s procedural generation technique, there is a possibility of exploring a mind-boggling 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (18 quintillions) planets, which are all different from the last.

The Space available in No Man’s Land is capitalistic in nature, meaning that when stranded on a planet, you shall have to harvest its minerals and isotopes. Shrubs of Plutonium, Knolls of Gold, monoliths of Copper, etc., which can then be used to upgrade to a new space suit or fuel a spacecraft.

There is one other alternative, provided you can sneak your way past or valiantly fight your way across the patrolling pirates! If you can manage either one of these, you can sell your excess mineral harvests at the trading outposts located at the end of each star systems.

Slow at first, but the game quickly cheers up the gamer with its huge scope of discovery and mystery as one finds his way from one planet to another.

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