No Impact of Imposed Sanctions if Self-Sufficiency is Achieved in the Agricultural Sector of Iran

Agricultural Sector of Iran

The economy of Iran is suffering greatly due to the economic sanctions that are imposed by United States on the economy of Iran. Oil exports have reduced greatly as there are no much countries buying oil from Iran and due to this, the Government of Iran is unable to effectively manage the economy of Iran.

Despite repeated claims by the government of Iran that the prevailing economy is in normal condition and there is no reason to panic, analysts and economic activists are of the understanding that the present economy is much worse than what it was during the wars between Iraq and Iran.

In a recently held seminar organized by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) in association with the Ministry of Industries and Mines, the main agenda was to explore ways in which the imposed economic sanctions are to be turned into opportunities that would help to maintain a stable economy in Iran. Mohammad Reza Sharifi said that seminars like this would be beneficial for the economy and they plan on exploring viable options.

Sharifi said that the inflation rate in the agricultural sector is significantly lower as of now, but there are no actions taken up by the Government to help the farmers. He believes that by achieving self-sufficiency in agriculture, Iran would be able to overcome the sanctions that are being imposed and the Western nations would not be in a position to control the economy of Iran by imposing sanctions.

The recent seminar held was attended by delegations from several countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, South Korea, Germany, Thailand, Canada and China. They displayed their latest innovations made in the agricultural sector.

Iran is a country that is highly suitable and dependent on agriculture, as 33% of its area is suitable for farming. But the lack of water and poor soil conditions are responsible for the agricultural areas present not being utilized to the fullest and this has to be worked upon by the Government so that the maximum area is under cultivation.