New Teaser of Game of Thrones Season 6 Released, Each Episode Valued Over $10 Million, Will Daenerys Sit On the Throne? Let’s See

She had to learn a tough lesson in Slaver’s Bay and that is, she will not be able to please everyone. She has to make a choice and that will make her a better ruler. With her dragon responding to her, she is set to return to Westeros, but she is not ready to sit on the throne yet.

With the fact that Tommen might not last for the whole of the sixth season, Daenerys has a good chance of making it to the throne of Westeros unless the North under Ramsay makes a go for it as well. If Daenerys wants to sit on the throne of Westeros, then she will have to deal with the issues that have hit the Wall.

The White Walkers are getting more and more powerful and there is a chance that they will march in and head south. They will not wait for the fact that the kingdom isn’t united and they will rather get a faster victory in that case.

Game of Thrones is an extravagant affair and it is no doubt that the budget for the series is stupendous. However, that didn’t prepare anyone for a fact that each episode was a staggering $10 million in the making. This makes the whole cost of production come to over $100 million.

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