New Features, Fixes, Team Color and Attribute Changes With NBA 2k15 Patch 1.0.4 Update!

Recently, 2K Sports released another patch update for NBA 2K15 in order to make sure that the most popular basket-simulation game worldwide keeps up with fast-updating, real-life basketball. The Patch 1.04 has already been released for NBA 2K15 players on the PS4 and PC platform. The update comes at a huge size of 2.84GB for the present-generation Sony PlayStation console. However, reports indicate that it won’t be that bulky for the PC.

The patch hasn’t rolled out yet for Xbox One but it will be released soon. For now, there isn’t a lot of information on the patch as it was released without any notes. However, it has been emphasized that the patch will improve game stability and brings some necessary changes and improvements to it. With such new updates, users should get ready for an optimal gaming experience.

Most media outlets have also confirmed that the patch 1.04 also removes the shoe glitch. Recently, it was seen that 2K Sports didn’t allow gamers to outfit the MyPlayer characters with the sneakers they bought. The bug was quite annoying but presently it has been removed. Ronnie Singh, a 2K spokesperson tweeted about the latest release of this patch.

According to him, the patch should comfortably deal with rare occurrences ‘’…. that led to #NBA2K15 #MyPARK rep being stuck’’. In another roster update, a separate round of attribute and team color changes were noticed in NBA 2K15. For example, the overall points of Kyrie Irving were increased to 89.

The team color updates included with the patch 1.04 of NBA 2K15 comprises of:

  • Magic Pride Jersey Arm Sleeves Black
  • Celtics Pride Jersey Arm Sleeves Black. Rubberbands White
  • Kings Away Jersey Arm Sleeves Purple. Shoes White
  • Lakers Away Jersey Arm Sleeves Purple
  • Magic Home Jersey Arm Sleeves White
  • Grizzlies Alternate Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves Navy. Socks Black
  • Raptors Alternate Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves Black
  • Pistons Alternate Jersey Rubberbands Blue. Socks/Shoes Black
  • Warriors Home Jersey Arm Sleeve/Socks/Shoes Black
  • Pelicans Alternate Jersey Headbands Navy
  • Suns Home Jersey Arm Sleeves Black
  • Pistons Away Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves Red. Rubberbands Blue. Socks/Shoes Black
  • Rockets Alternate Jersey Headbands Red. Socks/Shoes Black
  • Suns Away Jersey Arm Sleeves Black