New Dune Buggy for Dying Light Revealed By Developers, They Look For Gamers to Write a Letter to Be Included In the Game, More News

Techland’s celebrated video game, Dying Light is about to come out soon with a new downloadable content expansion known as The Following, but no specific date has been released so far. However, fans are getting restless and they wish to be shown some images and pictures regarding what will come next in this open-world first-person survival horror video game.

Recently, Techland released a video trailer which shows a new buggy that will be showcased in the upcoming video game. Gamezone further reports that the development team has created a new video trailer which contains the new buggy to be included in the upcoming video game. Gamezone has further introduced a new mock commercial in order to showcase the SILAS All-Terrain Dirt Buggy.

The vehicle has been designed in such a manner that the Driver’s survivability and safety comes first which is a very important thing when you are driving. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of threats to be faced in the game, especially while traveling.

According to the mock commercial, SILAS motors is making use of proprietary protective technology and this is done in order to equip drivers with all the necessary gears which are essential for dealing with the future and present hazards of the road. In Dying Light: The Following, this is surely the perfect mode for transportation and it will help you in order to survive throughout Harran.

This is a weapon that has been solely designed a lethal unit for the road. Using this, you should be able to travel comfortably through the zombie-infested apocalyptic world. The video totally indicated its entire objective through the ‘Drive to Survive’ caption.

In the video, you can also see a combination of piano and roaring engine sounds which showcases the dune buggy tossing around while primarily crashing and demolishing its way through the countryside and streets.

There are a lot of new things that you will see in the game besides the new awesome ride. According to people, there will be new waterfalls, farms, caves and open fields. At the same time, the gamers can also expect new weapons and items like the crossbow weapon which is rumored to appear in the DLC.

According to Xbox Achievements, The Following Expansion DLC in Dying Light will feature the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story. It will come free of charge for present Season Pass owners and it will also be available for the Non-Season pass owners as well at a price of $14.99.

There are a lot of rumors and discussions lying around and you need to know the exact details since Techland recently announced on their Facebook page and they want gamers to submit a letter that they can use in the game. The official declaration reads as follows:-

Dear community,

We are writing to you with a request. We would like you to contribute to the world of Dying Light: The Following. We are working on a mission which takes place in a Post Office. Inside of it, we want to scatter letters from people that are within the Quarantine Zone. Imagine if that was you; trapped in a place in which things are changing for the worse. What words would you write? Who would you send the letter to?

We would like to you to be those survivors. We want you to send us a 200 words max letter in English of you being the survivor that is writing from the quarantine zone to the outside world. We will choose the best ones; put them in our game, along with your name. So get writing, and send us the letter to us as a message on our Facebook Page by the 1st of October 2015.

Yours Truly,

The Dying Light Team