Mission Impossible 5: McQuarrie Reveals Interesting Info, Star-Studded Premieres and Rumors about Tom Cruise, More Details

Mission Impossible 5 or Mission Impossible Rogue Nation has been made in a rather unorthodox method. What usually happens is the scriptwriter works on a plot and then along with the director they figure out which stunts they want and where and then go about adding these adrenaline boosters to give the film a panache.

However, writer-director of Mission Impossible 5, Christopher McQuarrie went about the film in a very different manner. In their case the usual formula of the story first and then the action sequence was reversed.

McQuarrie and his team sat together to figure out which stunts they would want to add in the film and then went about trying to develop a story around them. In an interview with Collider before the world premiere of Mission Impossible 5 at Vienna State Opera, McQuarrie revealed a lot of interesting things about the movie.

The motorcycle chase was one of the key elements that made the plot for Mission Impossible 5 to change. In the initial script Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) was chasing someone and when the creative team decided to move it, it changed the whole aspect of the plot and the characters in it.

McQuarrie said that the best part of Mission Impossible movies is that you can get whatever you imagine. The director sat down with Tom Cruise and decided that they want a motorcycle chase, an airplane sequence and an underwater scene and then tried to find out a plot that ties them altogether. McQuarrie said that the craziest part of the whole thing is that one never knows whether the action sequence will fall in place or whether it will be a complete mess.

It looks like the audience will have to decide that for themselves when they catch Mission Impossible 5 in a theatre near them on July 31st.

Mission Impossible 5 was initially slated to release on Christmas week like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but the decision was taken to release it earlier because Star Wars: Force Awakens is set to release around that time.

Mission Impossible 5 also wanted to take advantage of the fact that they could wrap up the film before schedule. The film had created a lot of buzz with its action sequence and the producers decided that it would do good business if it was released when the fans least expected it.

Mission Impossible 5 had its New York premiere recently and actor Tom Cruise looked gorgeous in tousled hair and dark blue suit. The event saw actors Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin, Rebecca Fergusson, Dascha Polanco, director McQuarrie and even Star Wars director J. J Abrams.

Tom Cruise is known for his Mission Impossible movies and it is the one movie that is a hit every time it has an installment. It has become one of the highest grossing franchises in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise sure knows how to captivate the fans who were there to cheer him on and support Mission Impossible 5. He was in the best of spirits and posed for the fans and cheered them on as they tried to take photos of the stars walking down the red carpet in Times Square.

Jeremy Renner looked dapper in a black suit and so did Alec Baldwin who was accompanied with his gorgeous wife Hilaria and 19 year old daughter Ireland. Ireland is a model and she even had her father copy her red carpet pose, when Alec Baldwin stood with his hands on her hip like she was.