Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on the Cards, Release Date and Tech Specs Rumored, More Information

Microsoft is yet to comment on any such possibility so it’s best to hold on to our excitement for now. When it comes to the tablet itself, the device is said to feature top-of-the-line specs with rumors of an Intel Broadwell or Skylake chips, according to Motley Fool. However, there is no mention of a Haswell processor.

The latest chips will come with a 40nm process, making it the most power-efficient as well as the smallest chips in the market.

Compared to that, Apple’s new MacBook and Lenovo’s Yoga Pro 3 make use of fan-less Broadwell processors. Further rumors suggest that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with 12-inch or 14-inch screen, 8MP rear camera, 3.5MP front snapper, and 16GB RAM and 1TB storage.

Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft Surface Pro 4!