Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tips Involve Windows 10 Installation!

Microsoft Surface Pro fans should rejoice as recent reports indicate that Surface Pro 4 will be releasing soon. Keep in mind that Microsoft hasn’t issued any official confirmation yet but Design & Trend indicates that it was tipped by some inside sources from the company.

The Surface Pro 3 has been around for about a year now but the company has remained tight-lipped about any possible updates coming in the near future.

The Senior Editor of The Verge, Tom Warren issued some tweets that should excite the Surface Pro fans worldwide. Warren reportedly mentioned in his last tweet that it would be released in October this year.

Well, it seems that Warren could be true, as he is the founder of WinRumors which clearly indicates that he is at least on talking terms with someone inside Microsoft. In terms of design, it was earlier rumored that the Surface Pro 4 will be identical to its predecessor. However, according to Warren the upcoming Surface Pro 4 will look nothing like its predecessor.

Warren suggested that the Surface Pro 4 will have a bigger display and at the same time, it will be thinner and lightweight. The declared specs further suggest that it is going to be a significant upgrade over the Surface Pro 3. There are a lot of details and rumors but Warren reports that the new Skylake CPU will definitely be featured on the upcoming upgrade.

Other specs involving Surface Pro 4 indicate that it will have a 12 inch or a 14 inch display. The high end model of the Surface Pro will be priced at $1300 and it will come with a 4K Screen resolution and 16GB of RAM.

The low-end variant will sell at a price around $500 and will include a Type-C USB port along with 4GB of RAM. If the news reports involving Surface Pro 4 are true, the device will definitely release soon.

In the meantime, here are some tips on Surface Pro 3. Well, it’s 2015 and Windows 10 is here and everyone who owns a genuine copy of Windows is trying to install the free upgrade to Windows 10 over the air.

Like any other software update, Windows 10 has its flaws and there are many people and devices out there coming up with several issues after installing Windows 10.

In the end, it’s all about searching for solutions in Google or Bing. There are many Surface Pro 3 owners who faced several problems when trying to install Windows 10. Thankfully, Microsoft has resolved a lot of these issues with minor patches and updates. The people who have already bricked their device through their impatience in installing Windows 10 as fast as possible can wait.

Meanwhile, the people who were patient enough can be more careful before proceeding with the installation. It is advised that people should do a factory reset on their Surface Pro 3 before trying to install Windows 10. These devices make an awesome match which has been made possible thanks to the compatibility features that were included by Microsoft in the OS.

There are many users who did a factory reset on their device and upgraded to Windows 10. According to them, the devices didn’t face any issues and all updates were taken automatically with any flaws or problems arising.

Meanwhile, when installing Windows 10, one of the most common errors that people faced was a blue screen which was a direct result of a faulty driver update that was installed previously.

This was a pretty grave problem but it can be easily solved with a factory reset. Unless you do that, Windows 10 cannot be installed. The entire process might take a few hours but in the end, you are left with Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 perfectly, with all the necessary updates installed.