Microsoft Confirms Two Windows 10 Updates Scheduled for 2017, New Downgrade Policy Hidden Within Recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Moreover, it wasn’t even clear as to what builds the limit applied to. On being asked for clarification, Microsoft explained that applying the Anniversary Update triggers the new 10-day limit policy.

Microsoft stated that it didn’t matter if the consumer had updated to the AU Windows 10 from Windows 8 or Windows 7, or whether one had simply updated from an earlier version of Windows 10 itself.

If you have installed the Anniversary edition of the update and didn’t downgrade within ten days after, the change is lasting. This 10-day policy applies to all Anniversary Updates and updates.

This is not Microsoft’s ploy to be mean towards its customers. Recently, a spokesperson for Microsoft revealed that the intentions behind this tactic are to allow the users a chance to free up storage space.

This is because the company noted that most of the users who switch back to the previous builds do so within the first several days. Downloading Windows 10 requires 3 GB of free space, and some amount of additional space is also used to store the recovery files. These recovery files are used in recovering an upgrade or simply to roll back to the previous build.

Hence the company decided to tighten up the deadline, to free up the unnecessarily used up space in the user’s PCs. The time frame for the deadline is August 2 to August 12.

Stay tuned for more updates.