Microsoft changing world by giving more power to cortana


Whenever there is a conversation about technology, Microsoft is the first company which is referred. Microsoft is a vast technology hub which is known for its out of the box thinking. Microsoft works in all the fields from hardware to software.


Past few decades Microsoft developed various operating system starting from windows 1.0 and still going with the latest operating system as windows 10 (2016). Microsoft was popular for its operating system works but, slowly they move on to other technologies such as microsoft server and much more.


This time Microsoft came up with updates for Cortana which is already on market, the update is scheduling of meeting by Cortana this update made a machine world. Cortana will schedule meeting for you. What makes Cortana give such a ability? Microsoft has launched a project named “” which provide Cortana ,the virtual assistant and arrange the meeting on your behalf.


There is a use of artificial intelligence, conversational computing and calendaring. This technology will be reflected to the skype in next few years. There is a combine effort from Microsoft Research, Outlook, Cortana, and Genee.


Cortana needs some kind of filters such as length of the meeting, timing, and location. Cortana looks for the events after you send the email and your availability for the meeting, Cortana also reaches customers when they don’t respond within 48 hours.


Microsoft claims that all the interactions are handled by the bot and human intelligence to keep accuracy constant. Skype with is on the same page with Cortana next year as it will getting talking bots. “Bots will be able to send rich media cards, adding the capability to bring video, audio, and GIFs into chat conversations”.


Skype will add various service such as hotel booking by adding Expedia bot. UPS for tracking your package through skype and you can also purchase event tickets after StubHub have a skype bot.