Microsoft Band 2: How Does the Fitness Mogul Fare When Pitched Against the Apple Watch? Let’s See!

Hence, like we stated earlier, the market for both these products is quite different, and once you consider their price points, the difference is pretty evident! While Microsoft is offering the Band 2 for a measly $249.99, the Apple Watch can be yours for $549. Take your pick!

The Microsoft Band 2 employs a lot of tiny gadgets to monitor your health and fitness, including skin temperature sensor,GPS, UV sensors, optical heart rate sensor and barometer, etc. Apart from showcasing your health, the device is also capable of displaying call alerts, calendar, text and email.

These are the features that help the Band 2 compete with the likes of the other smartphones in its league. Whether you like the Apple Watch or the Microsoft Band 2 is purely your decision, since both these products are quite different from one another.

While the Band 2 has a lot of fancy features that are bound to keep you healthy, the Apple Watch is known for its oomph factor and bling. This makes the Microsoft Band 2 a clear winner when it comes to braving all weather conditions.

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