Meet MTV’s Newest Artiste – Traci K (Kochendorfer)

Traci K is of German, Italian, and Polish heritage. She was raised in a divorced home by a single mother, Sharon Lipinski, who taught her the importance of family and the catholic faith. Her university education was sponsored by the Wright State University, and she attended six different colleges where she studied business and accounting, pre-medicine, nutrition, social science, theology and government.

MTV’s newest artiste

On May 11, 2016, Traci released an album titled Fitness Fantasy. The 9 track album is a combination of pop, indie, alternate rock, folk and house genres. She became MTV’s newest artiste in 2016 alongside artistes like Twenty one Pilots, The Chainsmokers, The 1975, Bryson Tiller and Young Thug. She’s currently on a tour branded “the working it out tour” to promote her album.

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