Married at First Sight: Jamie Struggles With Her Feelings, Cortney Helps Jason, And More Details

Married at First Sight has received a lot of flak because of the way it treats love and marriage. It pairs two complete strangers and gets them married off on the very first day that they lay eyes on each other.

It is all part of a social experiment where a panel consisting of experts from the field of psychology and relationship, come together to match strangers on the basis of their personality traits to show that two people can fall in love even without courting.

One of the couples who have had a successful run in Married at First Sight is Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner. The two of them fell in love in the course of the series and although it hasn’t been an easy ride, they have worked on their marriage and are still going strong.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are going to come back for Married at First Sight: The First Year and the show will reveal the issues that the couple has been struggling with. Jamie Otis reveals about her marriage with Doug in an interview with OK Magazine.             She says that the first though that she had when she was getting married with Doug was that the relationship will never work out, however, the two did fall in love and it has been a magical.

Jamie, however, is skeptical about their relationship. Even though she and Doug have had such a great first year, she doesn’t believe in the magic and the spark that they share. She blames this feeling on the life that is constantly under the glare of the camera. Jamie said that she sometimes doubts if she does something for Doug because she genuinely wants to do it for him or whether it is because she knows that the camera is on them.

While Jamie wants kids, Doug is putting it off by completing a bucket list before they start having kids. It is not like Doug doesn’t want babies, he just doesn’t want them now when things aren’t perfect between the two.

While on Married at First Sight: The First Year, Jamie visits Dr. Pepper Schwartz, the relationship expert because she had started developing feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Dr. Schwartz tells Jamie that by thinking of her ex and comparing him to Doug, she isn’t being fair to her husband.

Jamie is also informed by Dr. Pepper Schwartz that she is working on sabotaging her relationship with Doug by constantly wanting to meet her ex and when she talks about the man who had been an integral part of her life to Doug, it isn’t fair to him and his feelings. Jamie it seems like, is trying to push Doug into becoming the one in her life, but her way of going about the whole thing isn’t a healthy one.

Married at First Sight: The First Year showed Jamie working on a sex reveal party with her pregnant sister, where she inquires whether her ex-boyfriend will be invited. When her sister says that it won’t be a very healthy thing to have her husband and ex-boyfriend in the same room, Jamie says that the two of them are going to be fine with the whole situation. Jamie is insistent that Doug gets to meet her ex-boyfriend.

Doug on the other hand reveals to his brother that he feels that he will never be able to become the love of Jamie’s life. Jamie he says is still fixated on her ex-boyfriend. Doug’s brother, Matt, doesn’t think that it is a very healthy think to do, to think of an ex-boyfriend one year into her marriage with Doug.