Major Clash of Clans Updates Coming In November-December, Clashers Enjoy Halloween-Themed Updates for Now, More Details

Supercell decided to celebrate the Halloween event with fantastic Halloween-themed updates that were released recently.

According to Google Play Page for Clash of Clans, the description of the latest update described that for a limited time only, gamers can experience the spooky Halloween Clash theme which comes with bubbling Cauldron obstacles, possessed Poison spells and much more.

The Halloween updates for Clash of Clans includes the Halloween Cauldron Challenges which will provide some bonus Elixir to the gamers who decide to harvest them. In the meantime, the 1-gem spell factory boost will run throughout the Halloween weekend, according to a post in Supercell forum.

According to a report from Gamezone, there will be a number of aesthetic changes besides the bonuses available for Clash of Clans players. You could also notice a couple of pumpkins available on the village map. The new in-game mode should come with pretty interesting stuff that excites quite a lot of gamers with their interesting effects.

At the same time, players will notice some shiny gems along with torches available in bases, during the night. While players are enjoying the Halloween updates, some of them are worried that the new changes will be coming their way, sooner than they expected.

Clash of Clans has been running for three years and currently it is one of the most popular games available for your smartphone. A major Clash of Clans update is presently in the works and when it releases, it will definitely be a game-changer.

Meanwhile, there are quite a few things that players want to witness with the latest update. Over the weekend, Supercell held the first ever ClashCon event.

This was a place where gamers could come together and join in for Clan War tournaments, learn more details about the game and also meet the staff. This included the implementation of different strategies and there were quite a few teasers along the way as well.

A lot of gamers were somewhat upset when the major update did not arrive on Saturday, but this is a clear indication that there is a much bigger update under development. Firstly, Town Hall 11 is now official and it will be coming soon on Clash of Clans, probably with the next big update.

It will also provide players with a bigger base layout so that players have more room to actually work with. Rumors further indicate that there will be a new powerful defense available on Town Hall 11, something like a combination of an Inferno Tower and Mortar and this means, more trouble for your troops.

There will also be a third hero and nothing has been reported on it so far, except a silhouette and a cost of 6million Elixir. Thankfully, this isn’t dark elixir, so the hero could be a minor one, compared to the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen.

These are simply some of the few updates that we can expect in November and it was reported that Supercell will be teasing them every week or so. This will give them plenty of time to announce new troops, balance the gameplay, finalize new changes and adjustments, add more units, upgrades and walls while introducing new changes as well.

The present batch of speculations suggests that all the troops will have an update in Town Hall 11 and a certain point of time, a new dark elixir troop will be added as well. According to the developers, this will be one of the biggest updates ever, so there will be a lot more changes that what you expected.