Maddie Ziegler: Brynn Rumfallo’s Position Under Question, Melissa Gisoni Not Pleased!

In order to become the next Maddie Ziegler Larisa Magda is putting in a lot of work. She has four hours of ballet lessons six days a week. Since her evenings are gone rehearsing, she has to stay up till almost 10pm at night to get done with her school work.

Apart from ballet, Larisa Magda also takes jazz and acrobatics and solo dance lessons. The routine might look like an easy one, but it isn’t. Larisa Magda herself says that sometimes it gets very difficult to fit everything in.

Larisa Magda might be a huge fan of Maddie Ziegler, but the young girl has quite a fan following herself. She has an Instagram account that has a staggering number of 71,000 followers. Larisa’s profile is managed by her mother, Laura and she said that she will continue doing it until she becomes a teenager.


Larisa Magda first met Maddie Ziegler, when the young dancer had come to Australia with Dance Moms. Maddie Ziegler was asked to be the judge in a dance competition and Larisa Magda had won it. She has noticed the young prodigy and has even started following the 12-year-old on Instagram.

Maddie Ziegler started from Dance Mom, but now she has ventured into Hollywood and wants to focus on a career in acting without ever giving up on her passion for dancing. She wants to become a triple threat in the industry.

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