Madaari A Hit With Critics But A Disappointment At The Box Office, Irrfan Shines As Usual

Since then, Dadarao has been filling potholes and has filled more than 300 potholes till now, and is lavish in his praise for Madaari, with whose protagonist he relates to a lot.

It is this connection that he forms with people that have become a source of inspiration for Irrfan, who in his turn took to thank the audience, whose reaction, apart from the critical acclaim, has touched his heart and has made him feel responsible as an actor.

Sadly, all these highs notwithstanding, the film does run the risk of being one of the lowest grosser of 2016, in the ranks of highly anticipated films like Te3n and Great Grand Masti. In addition to the serious and somewhat-intellectual nature of the film, poor marketing has also been attributed to its poor performance.

Script-writer Ritesh Shah, of Kahaani fame, said in defense of his film that it is perfectly okay to have dual reactions to the film, which is mostly due to the different perceptions by different age groups.

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