MacBook Pro 2016: Latest Rumors and Updates, Will Come with Better Battery and Graphics Processor, More Details

A lot of rumors regarding Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016 have been doing rounds on the internet for quite some time now. It can be safely stated that the MacBook Pro 2016 is one of the most anticipated devices from the Apple stable in recent times.

However, “Mum” is the word for Apple regarding this upcoming device. At the same time, the Cupertino-based company recently slashed the price of one of its existing device- the 15-inch Retina 2015 MacBook Pro. Thus, it is being assumed that it will not be long before Apple rolls out the brand new MacBook Pro 2016.

The 15-inch Retina 2015 MacBook Pro which comes with an original price tag of $2,499 is currently up for grabs at a price of $1,949.99 on eBay. As for the technical aspect, the device packs an impressive Intel Core i7 5th Generation 2.5 GHZ processor coupled with 16 GB of RAM.

It comes with 15.4-inch Retina Display that has a resolution of 2800 x 1800 pixels. A 512 GB hard drive is built into it for the purpose of storage. The device runs on a powerful battery that can keep it up and running for a period of up to 9 hours at a stretch.

Coming back to the MacBook Pro 2016, the device is expected to sport a 12- inch Retina display. The screen of the device will have a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels. It was reported that Apple will incorporate the latest Skylake Core M processor into it.

Apparently, this powerful processor will provide a 20 percent hike to the maximum performance level of the computer.

It will have a width of 13.1 mm and will weigh in at 2 lbs. Rumors have it that the device might also come with a Touchscreen feature. A Touchscreen feature will definitely work towards increasing the ease with which the device can be used.

Many experts are of the opinion that the touchscreen feature will very likely find its way into the MacBook lineup at some point in time in the future. That being said, they are not totally convinced whether Apple would include the feature in the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016.

According to them, the feature is not one of utmost necessity at the current moment and its inclusion will result in significant price hike of the upcoming device.

The MacBook Pro 2016 will have a lighter and thinner body compared to its predecessor. However, at the same time it should also be kept in mind that a lighter and thinner body is more common for the MacBook Air. Thus, if the MacBook Pro 2016 is made too thin and light, it might put the existence of the MacBook Air in jeopardy.

The device will feature better battery and GPU compared to its predecessors. It might be released in several colors that include gold, silver and space gray. The brand new Skylake processor from Intel will not only bump up the performance of the device, it will also work towards increasing its graphics performance by 40 percent.

The new processor will also ensure an efficient management of power which in turn will enable the device to remain functional for a period of 10 hours once fully charged. Various reports claim that to keep up with the pace, Apple might build an impressive display into the device.

Reportedly, the device will output graphics at 4K quality. It is also being rumored that the MacBook Pro 2016 might come with an OLED display. As for other technical aspects, it is likely that the device will feature the latest Type-C USB port on it. Apart from that, it will also come with a Thunderbolt Port.

OS X EL Capitan might be used to run the device and it will also feature Force Touch technology.