Lea Michele of Glee Unveils Third Tattoo Honouring Deceased Boyfriend Cory Monteith, Celebrates New Body, Talks Health and Future Relationship Ideals

She goes on to say that she is not the type of person to visit a gym as a sort of discipline. Instead, she prefers to sing and clap along in the front row of the spinning classes she frequently attends near her home in Brentwood, Los Angles, and that’s enough to leave her feeling replenished.

As for her food, her home is almost free of gluten, and she is a vegetarian. When she takes the rare bite of meat, she does it consciously. She avoids fast food and says that the occasional binges are limited to pizza, pasta, and cheese, never extending to McDonalds.

This stopping to look after herself seems to be in line with the new strength that she has found. When asked about what she expects from her relationships in the future, she said that now she is making an effort to take care of herself.

According to her, next time onwards, she is going to acknowledge only those who can respect her self-worth and can complement it by valuing themselves as well. She says that only when two people are themselves complete can they work as a team in a relationship.