Latest Rumors and Updates Regarding Expendables 4, Is Sylvester Stallone Back On Board? Let’s See!

Expendables 4 is going to be the fourth installment in the popular Expendables series of movies starring Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham in lead roles. The last released film of this series was Expendables 3 which hit the big screen back in 2014.

The latest reports regarding the movie suggest that it will star actress Li Bingbing. The actress revealed that there have been some changes in the script of the movie and this has resulted in a delay in the beginning of its shooting.

She stated that the filmmakers had approached her back in 2013 to star in the upcoming movie. It was further added by her that the shooting of the movie will begin from the month of May. Li has previously starred in some big budget films that include the likes of Transformers: Age of Extinction and Resident Evil: Retribution.

In other news, it was reported that Sylvester Stallone who pays the role of Barney Ross in the series might not feature in the upcoming Expendable movie.

Terry Crews, who plays the role of Hale Caesar had earlier stated that since Stallone’s performance in his last movie Creed was greatly appreciated by both fans and critics, he might focus on the sequel to Creed instead of doing another iteration of Expendables.

Sylvester Stallone won a Golden Globe award in the category of Best Supporting Actor for his solid performance in the movie Creed. In Creed, Stallone reprised the role of Rocky Balboa. He was the mentor to Apollo Creed’s son Adonis Creed in the movie.

Stallone was also nominated for the category of Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards. Unfortunately, he couldn’t win the award, which went to Mark Rylance for his role in Bridge of Spies.

Crews pointed out that if indeed Stallone decides against doing Expendables 4, he himself will also not be a part of it. He stated that he has no problem with starring in the upcoming movie, given that Stallone is also in it.

Various reports suggest that in case Stallone backs out from the movie, it is likely that renowned WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan might be roped in as his replacement. It was also rumored that Hulk Hogan will be seen in a negative role in the upcoming movie.

Looks like, fans will have to wait for the time being to get some concrete news regarding the matter. In the current situation, it will be in the best interests of the franchise, that the filmmakers come forward and shed some light on the matter.

A renowned website reported that since Stallone did not manage to nab an Oscar for Creed, the actor might actually decide to do the fourth iteration of Expendables. The report further added that Stallone is aware of the fact that an Expendable movie will be incomplete without him in it.

Expendables is the brainchild of Sylvester Stallone and thus it can be stated that chances of him abandoning the franchise are quite low. Moreover, fans have become accustomed to the idea of Stallone as Barney Ross. Thus, portrayal of the character by another actor might not be well received by fans.

Thus, there is still the chance of seeing Stallone reprising his role of Barney Ross for Expendables 4.

Ecumenicalnews stated in one of its reports that the upcoming movie might feature WWE wrestler Steve Austin. Austin who is better known by his ring name- Stone Cold will reportedly play the role of a villain in the movie.

The renowned wrestler has already made an appearance in an Expendables movie. He played the role of the right hand man of the antagonist in the first movie of the series. However, specific details regarding his role in the upcoming movie are scarce at the moment.