Latest Jackie Chan Movie Is the Highest Grosser in His Career, Star Talks about Childhood in Australia

As he was the only Chinese student in the class, his teacher decided to call him ‘Stevens’ instead of the original Kong-San, which the English-speaking teacher found difficult to pronounce.

He was given the name Jack by a Taiwanese man who got him a job at a construction site. This friend was asked what Chan’s name was, and because the former’s name was Jack, he gave his name as Jack as well. That stuck with him.

Jackie went on to say that he added the ‘ie’ at the end of the new name after being advised by a Feng Shui that it would attract better luck. It seems that the advice worked, as from an insignificant stuntman, Chan went on to become one of the leading actors in the movies of the martial arts genre.

His incredible stunts are something his co-actor Jack Knoxville, most famous as the co-creator and star of MTV’s Jackass, is a huge admirer of. He is also grateful to Chan for letting him work without a stunt double in the movie, which of course features some amazing action sequences.

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