Kylie Jenner Steps Out in A Jumpsuit with A Plunging Neckline, Feels Insecure About Tyga and Gets into A Fight with Kendall!

Trust Kylie Jenner to turn heads when it came to fashion. The 18-year-old came out for a date night with boyfriend Tyga wearing an ultra-tight Steven Khalil jumpsuit that had a daring neckline. She jazzed up the outfit with a fringed belt and a black snake-skin Hermes clutch.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga were headed to The Nice Guy restaurant in L.A and the paparazzi couldn’t keep their eyes off her. She is known for her sports luxe and streetwear, but she tried to go dressy for a change and what a great ensemble.

The plunging neckline reached up to Kylie Jenner’s navel and she had to keep on rearranging the V-neckline to make sure that she didn’t up having a wardrobe malfunction.

Kylie Jenner had colored her hair blonde, but for her Thursday date night she had on her natural black hair kept open in lose waves. She kept her make-up minimal, having applied sheer lip gloss and eye-liner.

Kylie Jenner had already given the fans a glimpse of what she would be wearing with a SnapChat as she checked herself out in the mirror before heading out.

Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Tyga, kept to his usual casuals. He wore a pair of blue ultra-distressed jeans with black leather patches on the knee and had on a long green T-shirt over which he wore a black sweatshirt. He completed the look with a khaki cap and a pair of Uggs.

International Business Times has reported that Kylie Jenner is feeling neglected since Tyga is busy with his work. The past month especially has been rather difficult for Kylie Jenner since Tyga was busy recording and would remain holed up in the studio.

Tyga’s busy schedule made it difficult for the two to meet and Hollywood Life reported that Kylie Jenner doesn’t like the fact when she and Tyga aren’t spending time together.

She has been very insecure about Tyga and his close relationship with his ex, Blac Chyna, and things haven’t been very smooth when it came to them dating.

They have had their shares of troubles ever since they started dating. Kylie Jenner and Tyga plans to get married and settle down and hence she wants the two of them to spend more and more time together.

Kylie Jenner would even visit Tyga in his studio, but since he is so preoccupied with his work, she doesn’t feel good about interrupting him while he is working.

Kylie Jenner even made a meme about the issues that that two have had. The meme shows Tyga looking at his phone while Kylie’s dog stares at the screen as well. The meme reads that since Kylie Jenner has trained her dog to read, she is at peace even though Tyga is busy on his phone.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have most of their problems stemming from Blac Chyna. She feels that Tyga’s ex still has a thing for her. The two of them share a boy named King Cairo and hence there is no question of Blac Chyna ever being out of Tyga’s life and this is what affects her.

Blac Chyna on her part has been mean to Kylie Jenner on the social media and Kylie was super angry after the attacks. She felt that they were completely uncalled for and absolutely disgusting. Tyga and Kylie Jenner had broken up for a while, but the two got back together and have been inseparable since then.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner had recently returned the East Coast where they were attending Kendall Jenner’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.