Ku Klux Klan Doesn’t like to be called “White Supremacists”

By latest news in today’s modern racist-free world, the Ku Klux Klan say that they do not like being called White Supremacists. Near the North Carolina-Virginia border, few masked Ku Klux Klan members informed the public that with Donald Trump’s election as a new president of the United States, white people are reclaiming back America.

According to them, America was founded by and for whites, and only they can run a peaceful and productive society.

The masked Klan members say that they are taking back America from blacks, immigrants, Jews and other groups that they count as criminals and freeloaders. The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) want an interview with the press so they can inform the public they want the label “White Supremacists” removed.

Klan members wearing a robe and a pointed hood were running a pro-Trump parade when one man with Midwestern accent and glasses said – “We’re not white supremacists. We believe in our race”.

By reporting this they disavow the core and the nature of the klan. By the Klan’s official rulebook called the Kloran they say –  “shall ever be true in the faithful maintenance of White Supremacy”.

Experts say that by proclaiming this they want to decrease their racism to a lower level. The Associated Press interviewed the men. Chris Barker – a KKK leader confirmed for the press that this was a Trump victory celebration event. Around 30 cars paraded through Roxboro, North Carolina bearing KKK flags.

Barker didn’t participate in the parade because he was arrested hours ago along with another Klan leader from California. Charges for their arrest were linked with the stabbing of a third KKK member. They both were jailed, and the injured one was recovering.

Don Black from Florida, who operates with the white extremists favorite website stormfront.org said that he does not care to be called white supremacist, but he would rather prefer “white nationalist”.

From ADL’s previous reports about a white supremacist who was motivated by a series of racist beliefs we heard that they claim whites should dominate upon other people. They should live in a whites-only society, and that white people’s culture is superior compared with other cultures. These claims are similar to the ones from today’s racists, and after all they are rejecting the label.

This is probably because they learned a lesson from David Puke. Puke was a klan leader and tried to run for a member of the U.S Senate in Louisiana this year, but he was unsuccessful because of his background with the klan of course. – comment from Penn State University associate Professor Josh Inwood.

For KKK it does not matter how people call them, they believe they are climbing up with their racist movements. They say that Trump’s idea to build a wall on the Mexican border is a proof to their success because this is an idea maintained by the Klan.