Kobe Bryant: Retires From Basketball, Gets a Heart Warming Send-off!

Kobe Bryant might be in the fag end of his career in the NBA, but that didn’t stop him from being in the lead when it comes to the All Star game that is being planned by NBA this year. The All Star Game will have the team selected by the votes cast by the fans and Kobe Bryant is miles ahead of the other players who are reigning the game currently.

Kobe Bryant has decided to call it a day after the end of this season. He was one of the most coveted player in Los Angeles Lakers and the team is sure to miss having him around.

According to the figures released by the NBA Kobe Bryant has beaten even NBA’s Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry in the vote. He has crossed Curry not just by a matter of a few votes, but by almost 300,000 of them! Inquirer has also reported that LeBron James, from the Cleveland Cavaliers is third in the list.

This won’t be the first time that Kobe Bryant is going to be a part of the All Star Game. He has previously been part of seventeen of them in his entire basketball career. He might not have dominated the voting with such a massive lead previously, but this was primarily because the ace basketball star announced his retirement in November.

The All Star Game this year will be organised by the NBA at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. This will be the 65th NBA All Star Game and will be held on 14th February. The fans are surely going to be present there to catch Kobe Bryant in action for the last time.

Kobe Bryant finally bowed away from the game that was his life last night and it was a moment to remember. Sleep Train Arena that is home to the Sacramento Kings was packed with his fans and well-wishers. With a career spanning over 20 years, Kobe Bryant had touched many lives and every one was there to see him off.

2014 was a tough year for Kobe Bryant because he got injured in his Achilles heel and had trouble playing, His fans weren’t happy and there were talks of his career coming to a halt. CBS Sports reported that Kobe Bryant had said that he would never want a farewell tour when he finally decided to retire from the game. He was sure that fans will not cheer or send him off like a hero, but that surely wasn’t the case last night.

The entire area between the stadium and the bus bay was jam packed with fans who wanted to take photos with him and didn’t stop cheering him on. When asked about his feelings on the occasion, Bryant said that he didn’t expect something like this. He said that he is very surprised and confessed that it did feel very good.

While talking to The Sacramento Bee, Metta World Peace said that he would initially argue with the fans when they would cheer for Kobe Bryant, every time the Kings would play against the LA Lakers. World Peace said that he would often scream at the fans and ask them to shut up if they couldn’t cheer their own team.

However, he has realised over the course of his careers that it wasn’t just in Sacramento that the crowd would cheer for Kobe Bryant and not for their own team. It was the same case everywhere else and World Peace said that he has come to terms with it since that is the kind of impact Kobe Bryant has on the fans of the game.