Do you know the top 10 ads of Youtube?


Youtube is a social platform where people upload,share and watch videos. People make channels, In channels, user upload their videos. The channel is simply a collection of videos. If you like one video of a user then you can browse to its other videos by subscribing to his channel.

More the number of the viewers more is the popularity of the channel then after more subscriber. These kind of users are known as YouTuber. How does YouTuber earn? They earn in a very fancy way, Youtube keeps track of popular videos and then they deploy ads on those  popular videos. There are still more ways to earn through youtube but ads are the easiest way.

Let’s head on to the most watched ads of 2016:-    

  1. Mobile Strike – Arnold’s Fight has 101.1 million views
  2. Knorr – Love At First Taste has 60.4 million views
  3. Nike – The Switch has 56.4 million views
  4. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: Official Introduction has 45.8 million views
  5. Clash Royale Theme Song video has 37 million views
  6. Mountain Dew – Puppy monkey baby has 27.8 million views
  7. Always: #LikeaGirl – Keep Playing has 27.8 million views
  8. Hyundai The Chase has 26.1 million views
  9. Pokémon – #Pokemon20 has 25.3 million views
  10. Skittles – The Portrait has 24.2 million views

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mobile Strike a game advertisement leading the list with 101.1 million views followed by Knorr and Nike with very close competition, 60.4 million views for Knorr and 56.4 million views for Nike.