Kate Upton: Cover Wars, Controversial Selfie, Feud

On Friday (August 19) Kate was seen donning white and red gym wear and was out to do some shopping. The fitness fanatic Hollywood actress rests all the “women can’t lift” clichés to bed, dispels the myth of women being the weaker sex and credits her perfect, curvaceous bikini body to the grueling weightlifting sessions at the gym.

Strength training is booming and is in vogue. It even transformed the life of a woman going through mid-life crisis, and Kate Upton swears by strength training.

At the age of 15, Upton was a competitive equestrienne and is a four-time national champion. She is the granddaughter of the co-founder of the Whirlpool Corporation Frederick Stanley Upton. Her uncle is the Congressman Fred Upton, and she celebrated her 21st birthday with him at a Republican convention.

Kate revealed that while shooting the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition in 2013 in Antarctica, she almost froze to death. After the shoots her body would be shutting down, and she would almost lose her eyesight and hearing.

During the shooting of the cover photo the editor was kind enough to let her wear a coat, and in that photo out of a dozen other photos, it turned out she was the most covered.

She surely is dedicated to her craft. Was her selfie with the Kardashian duck pout a reply after two years to Kim and Kanye for stealing her Vogue cover? Let us know what you think in the comments below!