Kaling Talks About the Mindy Project Season 4 Moving On with Hulu, Whitney to Help Her Out With Finances, And More

While talking at the aTVfest, Mindy Kaling said that she could now put Mindy and Danny through an emotional phase in their life. The characters didn’t behave like the TV version of their characters, but like adults in real life.

The Mindy Project Season 4 will see Mindy in a soup with her finances since her father and then her fiancé, Danny would do them for her. Now with both the men gone from her life, she is caught in a whirlpool of checks and bills that she doesn’t know what to do. That is when she thinks of asking help from Jeremy’s ex- girlfriend Whitney (CristinMilioti).

There is construction work going on in the floor above, which interrupts the morning meeting and much to the shock of Jeremy, it happens to be a hedge fund that has been opened by his ex. Whitney has also had a past with Jody and hence even he isn’t pleased, but Mindy is happy.

There is finally someone who can help her out with her finances. Jody had already ticked her off for all the paychecks that are cluttered over her table. Mindy cuts out a deal with her, where she agrees to be Whitney’s new friend in return for financial help, but the new friendship is going to end up being exhausting for her.

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