2016 is Justin Bieber’s year. His sense of music creativity has not only earned him the title ‘prince of pop’ but also respect from his critics. His latest album ‘Purpose’ has sparked a wave of excitement in the music world and also in the real world. The ‘Purpose World Tour’ has been widely publicized in a bid to promote his latest album. From scandals to his first grammy, the twenty two year old pop star has made a name for himself either way. Speaking of scandals, the prince of pop recently found himself in a literal wardrobe nightmare a night ago. This particular news made headlines on every online tabloid magazine.

The party lover took his love of partying too far this time. The Canadian attended the ‘I Am Bolt’ afterparty which was held in London at the trendy Tape nightclub with an entourage of three scantily dressed beauties and a not so appealing wardrobe. With a white woolly hat with stripes of black, mismatched spectacles and reddened eyes, Justin Bieber made faces that said very little of him as the pop guru we all know and love. Security was all over them as they were barred from getting through the gate. Despite making calls from outside the gate to gain entry, they wound up being rejected and walked away with their hands on their faces in shame.
The ‘Sorry’ hit singer was in a fairly sorry fashion mode earlier as he made his way out of the venue with dark green winter jacket, white shirt, black trousers and well polished leather shoes. The witty and over-sized hat crowned the extraordinary look along with the misfitting glasses. This look brought to light a side of Bieber we as ‘beliebers’ have never seen before. A less trendy side. As if all this was not enough, the aggressive pop star avoided trouble as he was bound by the crowd in a bid to stir up chaos. He made further headlines this past week after leaving a fan in Barcelona with a painful reminder of the star’s hostility after he punched him on the face. He walked away from the crowd so as to prevent further scandals.
On the plus side, Justin had the time of his life with ‘The Fastest Man Alive’ as he took selfies and drunk the night away. We really love you Justin, but if you want to keep your ‘belieber’ fan base on top, you have to keep everything about you on point – most of all your wardrobe.