Justin Bieber- Selena Gomez: New Feud with Bestie, Possible Collaboration, On-Off Couple Win Teen Choice Awards

The age-old Justin Bieber- Taylor Swift feud seems to have taken a turn for the worse after a brief hint of the possibility of the two working together, with Bieber clearly showing his support for Kanye West in the Kanye West- Taylor Swift feud. Incidentally, Swift also happens to be the best-friend of Selena Gomez.

Bieber, who has till now refrained from saying anything outright against Swift for fear of being judged, posted today on Instagram a black and white screenshot of himself in a FaceTime conversation with Kanye, captioning it, “Taylor Swift what up’’.

What had been the topic of discussion is not clear, but Swift has apparently featured in it. Justin’s position is nothing new because apparently she was the reason for most of the fights between him and his on-off girlfriend, Selena.

It seems that Swift refuses to forget how Bieber has treated Selena, repeatedly, and Justin believes that Swift interferes too much (remember the 2013 MTV Award backstage show?)

This comes in the wake of the less-than-warm display of appreciation by Taylor of Justin’s performance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in April, where she gave a polite clap, sipped her drink and looked away. In that event, Selena had walked in only after Bieber’s performance was over.

This is also at a time when Selena Gomez is apparently very unhappy with Justin Bieber getting into a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. Selena feels threatened by Kourtney’s presence. And like their on-off relationship, this too has taken ridiculous proportions.

As reported by Life & Style, Selena has supposedly asked Justin to break up with Kourtney, which Justin has as of yet been unable or unwilling to do, in spite of promising otherwise. When Justin told Selena about the intimate nature of his new relationship, Selena did not receive it well.

This could be one of the reasons why Selena posted an emotional message on Instagram on her birthday, where she wrote about feeling alienated from her creative and public persona, and how she needs to rethink about the various decisions she had made in her life as of yet.

This had been preceded by a heartfelt birthday wish by Pattie Mallette, Bieber’s mother. Where she stands in this Selena-Justin-Kourtney triangle is not clear. Justin has asked Selena for more patience, but unsurprisingly Selena is not complying.

While many feel that this is just another instance of a mind-game between Justin and Selena, who apparently love one another so much that they believe they are made for each other at the end of the day, Kourtney Kardashian is scared of how her influential family would react to this apparent trivializing.

The fact that they still have feelings for each other can be understood by the frequent posts they make on social media. Also, Selena Gomez was videoed dancing to Bieber’s ‘Cold water’ a few days back in a nightclub, just months after Bieber was seen listening to her ‘Same Old Love’ in a video made by him.

In that video Bieber had just fought in Cleveland, and Gomez’s song was playing in the background. It was supposed to have been influenced by Bieber.

And then there’s the recent Snapchat video that Selena posted over the weekend where she can be seen singing to Bieber’s forthcoming ‘Let Me Love You’.

This video seems to be in response to a July 27th clip of the new song by Bieber, where he has collaborated with DJ Snake, and sings, ‘Don’t you give up/ I won’t give up/ Let me love you,’ and here Gomez can be seen giggling while lounging on a bed with the song in the background.