Justin Bieber Quits Instagram, Nude Pictures Appear Online, Cold Water Retains Top Spot for 4th Consecutive Week

Martin, now 48 and already serving a 35 year sentence for killing a 15 year-old girl back in 2000, was apprehended in 2012 after he had sent two people to kill Bieber, his bodyguard, and two other people in Vermont.

Martin was believed to have had become so infatuated with Bieber that he had become frustrated when he did not reply to any of the many letters he had sent to the star.

Meanwhile, the crisis manager currently employed by stained Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte, Matthew Hiltzik, was the one once helping Justin Bieber, and happens to be one of the top crisis publicists in the public relations field.

Hitzlik had helped Bieber through his paternity claim in 2011.

Meanwhile Lochte is currently embroiled in a major controversy, with the Brazilian authorities accusing him of fabricating his claims of a robbery at gun point. Hitzlik’s appointment was reported by The Hollywood Reporter late Thursday night.

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