Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Ariana Grande Creates Trouble, Bieber Wants His Mother to Move Away From Selena, And More News

Selena Gomez has been on the cover of Elle Magazine and she told in the interview that she wants to move on from the image that Disney had created and start afresh on her life. She is soon coming out with her new album Revival and believes that the album will be the start to the new innings of her life.

Huffington Post has reported that while talking about Justin Bieber and her relationship she said that the two are no longer dating. They have been together for four years and have almost grown up together.

The very fact that they had to go through the same experiences in the show biz was what made them connect, but they have moved on now. Selena Gomez said that Justin Bieber and she are genuinely good friends now and she will always love and support him.

Selena Gomez knows that everyone will think that each song from her upcoming album Revival is one way or another related to her split with Justin Bieber and she has stopped caring anymore. Even best friend Taylor Swift has stood by her and said that Selena is strong enough to face the critics and haters.

Selena Gomez seems to have started on the second innings of her life with a brand new tattoo. The singer was recently spotted coming out of the ocean in a classy black bikini and there on the side of her left thigh was the new ‘Om’ tattoo. Gomez seems to be turning to the spiritual.

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