Jeremy Lin: Future Looks Foggy, Planning To Go Back To New York Knicks? Unhappy With NBA 2k15 Ratings!

He has gone ahead to appreciate the developers of NBA 2k15 saying that he was rated high on elements like quickness, lateral movements and steals.

NBA 2k15 uses real player performances to rate and rank the players in the game. Thus Lin is likely to get higher rankings in the game with better performance on court in the next season.

As of now, Lin seems to be a fix as to what should he be doing when it comes to playing real basketball. Will Lakers retain and renew his agreement for yet another season after having a disheartening one?

Experts say that he can once again go back to the place where it all started. He would have to ask for a lesser amount than what he is getting presently. Lin must compromise on his high fees to reclaim his lost fame with New York Knicks. Although it is yet to be sure whether New York Knicks will welcome him back, but that seems to be the most viable alternative as of this moment.

Lin will be trying to go ahead and claim his fame back in next season to come.