Jared Leto: The Second Trailer of Suicide Squad to Highlight the Joker, Trims His Long Locks, Is He Dating Miley Cyrus? Let’s See

Insider information has it that the two of them are very similar. They are eccentric, have the same wild personal style and do not care what people say.

Jared Leto and Miley Cyrus might have a lot of years between them, but the two of them have always been friends and have bonded on topics like politics, religion and music. The best thing about the two of them is that they are in the same plane in their relationship.

Neither Miley Cyrus nor Jared Leto is ready to start a serious relationship and they both are very comfortable with the way their relationship is progressing. Classicalite has reported that Jared Leto and Miley Cyrus hardly get to meet each other because of their busy schedule and hence they are constantly in touch via phone and are sexting with each other.

The two are merely hook-up buddies, but there is a connection between them. With Jared Leto turning 44 years there’s a lot of speculation to find out if he decides to spend the day with his Miley Cyrus, or whether she has something special planned for him.

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