Jared Leto: Margot Robbie’s Rat Living in Canada, Viola Davis Shares Her Feeling On The Joker!

Viola Davis said that she was terrified of the act and took some time to understand what had actually happened. However, she added that the moment she had overcome her surprise, she realized how meticulous an actor Jared Leto was that he was in the mind frame of his character on the first day of rehearsal. This attitude of Jared Leto’s would make the other actors sit up and they would deliver their best.

Viola Davis also added how Jared Leto had sent over a box of bullets with all their names written on it. He also had his henchman play an audio clip that had the actor state that he couldn’t wait to meet them all.

Jared Leto came to Oscar cleaned up. There were no signs of the Joker when he arrived in tux made by Gucci with a carnation flower worn as a bow tie. The classic black tux had a edge to it thanks to the red piping. There is a lot of buzz about his red carpet moment since everyone is going gaga over his ingenious placing of the flower as the tie.

Jared Leto was the one to present the award for the Best Makeup and Hairstyling category in the 88th Academy Awards and he made one of the most brilliant jokes in the history of Oscars. While talking about the importance of the hairstylists and makeup artists, Jared Leto referred to something called the merkin. He added that those who were laughing should explain to those who weren’t, what he meant by it.

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